Youth Mentoring- Case Study 1


Bess is 19 and was referred to Star Ascend programme by Youth Offending Service because her history of engaging in anti-social behaviour, substance misuse and criminal related activities and her poor behaviour had resulted in a few exclusions from school. Her lacked focus was not fully engaging with the educational system and displayed a very negative attitude. She was also in unstable accommodation and her family lifestyle was erratic and rarely acknowledged her existence, unsure about her future and was subject of Child protection plan.

As part of her Youth Offending Service plan, it was recommended that she would benefit from mentoring support to help her explore what her future goals and aspirations are and what she needs to do to achieve them. She would also benefit from an older positive female role model, support to finish out her education in mainstream school and address her offending behaviour.

Part of the programme included one to one mentoring sessions and supporting her through her trial at Crown Court. As a result of this she managed to get through the programme albeit with punctuality issues but engaged very well. Her lifestyle has also improved since moving in with her aunt and her CP case has stepped down to a Child in Need case as her risk levels have significantly reduced. Bess continue to work extremely hard at school.To date she is still engaging with Youth Offending Services. She is rebuilding her life with the support of social services

Star Ascend provided her with some focus, someone to listen to her frustration and provide some advice, guidance and support. We were able to provide one to one mentoring support at her school; we developed a plan of support, goals and needs for her. Our programme helped her to view herself positively raising her skills and confidence and self-esteem. Overall, there has been an improvement in Bess's behaviour and attitude at both school and home.