Youth Mentoring- Case Study 2

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Hannah was referred Star Ascend as she was identified as presenting a number of issues and among them struggling at school, both academically and socially. She was a victim of bullying at school in the form of name calling, including physical violence. She is plagued with numerous psychological conditions including alcohol misuse, low mood, anxiety, depression, delusion, paranoia and suicidal ideation, including some physical ones too. During this period, she was also repeatedly abused sexually by her stepfather. This led to her developing a serious psychological disorder (self-harm with a pen knife) as a child.

As a result of all these, Hannah's school attendance dropped, she stopped paying attention on the few times she managed to attend and it appeared she had given up on her education. It was at this point the school referred Hannah to Star Ascend for support. We provided one-to one mentoring support both at school and different locations suggested by her parents and social workers. Star Ascend worked alongside the school and were able to draft a plan we could both use and implement in order to attain the best possible results for Hannah. Star Ascend agreed to share information with social services and her school. We all found out that this worked a treat in quickly identifying problematic and difficult issues and were able to anticipate future events hence we were better prepared to offer solutions.

As a result, Hannah's school attendance improved drastically and her grades also picked up. Hannah has even now joined various groups including drama and arts and she is happy and able to express herself knowing fully she has such support around her.