Youth Mentoring - Case Study 3

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Ruth is a 15year old girl who was referred to Star Ascend as she had periodically and consistently been a victim of sexual abuse from a young age at home and was experiencing social and emotional mental health, very low confidence and self-esteem as a result. Ruth presented as traumatised and untrusting most of the times.

After being matched, Ruth and her assigned mentor developed a strong mentoring relationship. Ruth felt comfortable sharing his stories with her mentor because the trust between them unlocked any reservations she had about opening up.

Star Ascend were able to provide her with one to one mentoring support, discussing issues and family dynamics. We developed a tailor made action plan alongside the school which included organising cooking lessons and social and emotional learning sessions. As a result Star Ascend support, Ruth now feels much more supported and secure that she has a trusted adult to speak with about her fears and concerns. Ruth now understands that what she witnessed was not her fault and there is an outlet to express how she feels and support is readily available to help and support her cope and move on.

Over the past few months she has been able to understand the strengths and weakness of her family and accepted herself within the circumstances enabling her to improve her family bond and unit. As a result of this shift and change in pattern life, Ruth feels more confident and is engaging in her studies.