We have high ambitions for all children and young people, especially those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), complex disabilities and at risk youth.We firmly believe that children and young people, including those with the most complex needs, should be given the best possible chances in education that promotes their individual learning path and aligned with their needs and goals. Whatever their backgrounds, whatever their path, starting points, needs or goals, we will support them in education, improve their well-being and support them on their journey to become productive, well-balanced adults and enabling them to achieve their chosen outcomes.

We encourage and motivate those who are disengaged from education, who are at risk of exclusion, excluded and struggling to cope in mainstream school or college, disruptive with their behaviour, who have low attendance and low emotional resilience to learn, working in collaboration with school staff and parents/carers to achieve the best possible outcomes.We come alongside our children and young people, take an interest in their lives and help them to overcome barriers that prevent them engaging in education. We positively challenge young people, act as their champions, provide greater consistency in their lives, connect them with broader experiences, opportunities, networks, and provide safe, non-judgmental environments in which young people can thrive and express themselves. This will ultimately help young gain confidence to achieve more academically.

By using a person cantered approach, our staffs are able to work effectively with these young people and achieve encouraging results. There is no one size fits all policy at Star Ascend, hence our flexibility and targeted approach to how we aim to support our young people.Please see Who We Serve