Our School based mentoring programme aims to provide a structured and trusting relationship that brings young people together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement. This is to serve a mix of young people who are both identified and not identified as at risk for social problems, who struggle to stay in class due to sensory sensitivities, mental health issues, emotional dysregulation, at risk of disengagement, at risk of exclusion and are in urgent need of support.

The goals of the program are to reduce the number of days that students miss school and increase their engagement with academic activities when they are in school.

Research supports that School-based mentoring impacts positive outcomes for children and young people including: increased high school completion rates, improved attitudes about staying in school, enhanced academic motivation and achievement, improved social skills and behaviour, improved resiliency, strengthened peer, school and family relationships, reduced risk of involvement with drugs and increased sense of belonging in the school community.

Our School based mentoring programme requires mentors meeting up with their mentee during school hours and work on overcoming obstacles and reaching their goals. For young people experiencing greatest difficulties in the classroom, refusing school or with or without an EHCP, our half-day sessions offer support which complements other forms of education. To ensure the best possible outcome for the young person in the program, we require mentors and mentee to make a minimum commitment of at least one year.

Each session is for up to three hours, morning or afternoon, and is provided to small groups, from two to a maximum of four children/young people. One to one support can also be provided in this way depending on availability of specialist staff. Each session will aim to achieve an understanding of the needs of each young person and explore positive interests that will engage them. We focus on building confidence, self-esteem and skills they need to be successful in school and in life, so that they can realise their full potential. Sessions will take place in the School premises during School hours and times only.

Students are selected and referred by teachers and other School staff who feel they might benefit from having a trusted adult role model in their lives.

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